We Slay Monsters
I was the sole composer and sound designer for the game We Slay Monsters. It is currently available on Steam:

Musically, I incorporated influences of soundtracks from the Zelda series combined with classic Final Fantasy types of melodies, using real orchestral samples. The idea was to keep it light and catchy, while still infusing elements of danger and adventure. The soundtrack can be previewed on my youtube channel here:

I was responsible for all audio in the game, and given the nature of the story required me to make some fairly inventive decisions. We Slay Monsters contains monsters of every variety, from the classic goblins, to the oddball 'hieroglyphics', and imagining what a flying shark sounds like when it dies took a bit of pondering. Here is a playthrough video of the game without commentary, where you can hear how it all came together:

We Slay Monsters is set to release in the 4th Quarter of 2015. My soundtrack for the game can be purchased here:

(coming soon)



September 2015