PSAV: Presentation Services Audio Visual
At PSAV I worked both as the primary sound designer as well as a 3D rendering artist. Most of my audio work consisted of adding audio passes to the motion graphics videos, as well as recording and cutting audio for voiceovers, but I would occasionally get thrown into more challenging projects.

On one multi-million dollar show, I functioned as the on-site Music Director. I was responsible for creating mood and atmosphere with sounds and music for a week's worth of meetings and events, as well as implementing the music and audio at show-time.


Here are a few examples of the work I've done at PSAV:

On the company Holiday Card I provided audio coverage and mixing to support the motion graphics artist:

Christmas Card from Jekris Certeza on Vimeo.

Occasionally I was asked to create custom music for certain client shows or video content. Here is an example of one such song I created:


September 2015