Adam Chandler

Phone: (832)-202-5223


My name is Adam Chandler, and I am experienced in Sound Design and Music Composition. I have composed albums for indie games and created sound effects and atmospheres for several triple A titles. In my freetime I also volunteer small songs and sound effects for friends' personal game projects.

I am able to both create content and implement it, using many popular engines and software such as Unreal and Unity3d. I am also competent at scripting, if the implementation requires it.

You can visit my personal youtube channel to find remixes and piano videos I make for fun:

- Music Composition for Film or Gaming
- Sound Effects for Film or Gaming
- Audio passes on Video Content
- Audio implementation using Unreal and Unity3D
- Audio Reverb/Atmosphere environments in Unreal and Unity3D

- Reaper, Pro Tools, FL Studio

- Wwise, PerForce, SoundMiner

- Unreal, Unity3D