Aliens: Colonial Marines
At Gearbox I worked on Aliens: Colonial Marines, both the original game and the DLC pack. You can them on Steam here:

On Aliens Colonial Marines I was responsible for giving roughly half of the levels a full audio pass treatment using Wwise and the Unreal Engine. This included implementing the atmospheres, reverb volumes, scripted sequences to create rich audio landscapes. Interweaving feelings of high intensity action and suspenseful fear to drive the pace of the level was the main focus of the design.

Here are some examples of a few of the many levels I focused on:


DLC Mission 2: Awakening (responsible for all non-cutscene audio)


DLC Mission 4: Redemption (responsible for all non-cutscene audio)


I also supplied general coverage to some extent for almost every level in the original game, whether it be audio triggers, ambient volumes, or bug fixes. You can find a full playthrough of the original game with sound only here:



July 2013